Autosave bus and coach recycling services provide a fast, reliable and cost effective outlet for all end of life bus and coaches.

We can collect scrap buses and scrap coaches from anywhere in the North West of England and Midlands.

Once we’ve’ collected your end of life bus or coach we fully de-pollute the vehicle and begin our recycling process ensuing that we send as little material to waste as we can and hitting as many green targets as possible.

We offer very competitive prices for end of life buses mini buses and coaches. Payments are made same day and destruction orders arranged to declare your vehicle off the road permanently.

Autosave aim to provide a service to give you the piece of mind that your vehicles have been dealt with efficiently, environmentally and to government standards whilst providing you with the best financial value for old units.

We have happy customers in Greater Manchester, Liverpool and Merseyside, Lancashire, Yorkshire, Midlands and in to North Wales. All are happy to provide a trade reference if required.

If you have any Mini buses, buses, coaches or HGVs you would like us to price for recycling please get in touch or fill out the form below.

For any enquiries, give us a call on 0161 761 6481.