Scrap Metal

Welcome to Autosave Scrap Metal: Your Professional Partner in Scrap Metal Management
If you’re manufacturing or engineering business generates scrap metal as a byproduct, Autosave Scrap Metal is your premium partner for responsible, proficient, and financially rewarding scrap metal management.

    Scrap Metal Enquiries

    Best-in-Market Prices

    What sets us apart is our commitment to providing very competitive pricing. By collaborating with a vast array of partners, we can secure the best deals and pass on the cost savings to our valued clients. At Autosave Group, we believe that fair and transparent pricing is the foundation of a long-lasting and successful relationship with our customers.

    Personalised Service with a Dedicated Account Manager

    We guarantee a customised experience for each client. With your dedicated account manager, enjoy a streamlined, efficient, and personalised service delivery.

    Versatile Range of Scrap Metal Skips

    Our offerings cater to all business sizes and the variety of scrap metal they generate. From small engineering firms to large-scale manufacturing units, our range of skip sizes are tailored to meet your specific needs.

    Autosave’s Unrivalled Scrap Metal Management Solutions

    Scrap metal is an underutilized asset. With our industry-leading services, transform this “waste” into a sustainable source of revenue. Our professional solutions make scrap metal disposal efficient and economically advantageous.

    Commitment to Regulatory Compliance and Excellence

    At Autosave Scrap Metal, we go beyond offering a service – we act as your partner in promoting sustainability and adherence to regulations. Our operations are guided by a Scrap Metal Dealer Licence, a Waste Carriers Licence, and WAMITAB accreditation, reinforcing our dedication to top-tier industry standards and environmentally conscious practices.

    Wide Coverage Area

    We serve businesses across the North and the Midlands, but depending on the product and volume, we are able to travel throughout the UK to provide our services. Our aim is to be as flexible and accommodating as possible to meet your business needs.